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If you’re looking for a tech job that challenges you to innovate and gives you the freedom to build exciting digital solutions, it’s time you looked toward Santander. Here you’ll find our new, cutting-edge workspace, along with a diverse team of passionate and inspiring colleagues who are using their tech talents to help our more than 149 million global customers prosper financially. Want to change the world of banking for the better? Come join us.

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with our tech team.

Life at Santander really couldn't be more exhilarating right now. As we build out our new location in Coconut Grove, Miami, we're making big leaps forward as we transform and build new digital capabilities.

Want a flavor for what's to come? We're bringing app development in-house; pushing the limits of what automation can do; and exploring the latest technologies to simplify and enhance the customer experience.

For us, it means reimagining what a bank can be. To you, it could mean getting in at the ground floor, and growing your career alongside our growth—all in an environment that welcomes creative ideas and innovative thinking.

A hybrid work option + a new workspace in Coconut Grove. Now that’s what we call local optimization.

We know that flexibility is important to you. That's why, for most roles, we offer a hybrid work option that helps you strike a balance suited to your needs. While in the office, you’ll love our new location in Coconut Grove, Miami – a thriving metropolitan area that’s teeming with sidewalk cafes, eclectic boutiques, and beautiful waterfront parks. Situated in the beating heart of this vibrant Miami neighborhood, we have carefully designed and are in the process of building out our new workspace with the goal to foster collaboration, innovation, and a healthy sense of play. Solve problems with your team over a game of pinball or on a walk through our picturesque courtyard that’s ideal for brainstorming or simply taking a break from work.

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Tech by the numbers

Discover our global audience insights.

  • 5 Million the increase in digital customers in 2021 alone
  • 54% of Santander’s total sales were digital in 2021
  • 76% Digital transactions of our core banks (vs. 55% in 2019)
  • €2 Billion Tech investment per year to transform our business

Whatever your role, you'll find yourself developing.

While you focus on transforming our digital capabilities, we'll be focused on growing your skills and knowledge. Whether it's learning alongside experts or participating in Santander's global training offerings, supporting and enhancing your talents will be a top priority for us. After all, when you're growing, so are we. And that's a win for everyone.

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