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Santander supports employees from every background and fosters an environment where colleagues feel welcomed, valued, listened to and able to contribute to and grow at our company.

We define Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as respecting and valuing all of our similarities and individual differences, with a focus on creating an inclusive culture. We believe that a diverse and inclusive environment maximizes employee engagement, broadens our customer’s perspectives, and excels our community involvement.

Virnitia Dixon

“I'm committed to starting a movement that inspires people. For me, diversity, equity, and inclusion are about the personal connections we make and how they unite us. It starts with inclusion. We all want to contribute our best work, by being our authentic selves in an environment that’s inclusive and fair. My mission is to help make that happen, for all of us.”

Virnitia Dixon
Chief Diversity & Culture Officer


Our seven Business Resource Groups (BRGs) cultivate the valuable insights and perspectives that only a diverse workforce can provide. These alliances encourage employees to connect and drive business outcomes for Santander. Our BRGs foster career growth through networking, mentoring, and professional development. Each group also supports community efforts and philanthropy through volunteer events and partnerships.

Our business resource groups aren’t limited to the communities they represent – an important part of their membership are the allies who passionately support and aid in their promotion. By highlighting the importance of allyship, we create an environment to better understand the experiences of people, particularly those from underrepresented groups.

Santander US Business Resource Groups

We harness the unique talents, experiences, and perspectives of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) professionals within our organization to drive business success, foster innovation, and promote inclusivity.

We leverage the diversity of thought and experiences of our colleagues to support the growth and career mobility of our Black employees.

We support and empower those who face unique challenges in and out of the workplace to drive a more open culture. We wholeheartedly embrace colleagues who serve as caregivers, aid individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities, and provide assistance to those in need or who support others.

We cultivate a culture of respect, collaboration, and inclusion. We are dedicated to building a sense of community where our Hispanic and Latino colleagues can advance, feel empowered and are able to make meaningful impact in the communities where we live, work, and provide service.

We promote respect, inclusion, and diversity in our workforce, community, and customers. We strive to foster a safe work environment for LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies where everyone can do their best work and be their whole selves.

We foster a respectful, collaborative, and inclusive environment. We are dedicated to the development, empowerment and growth of women and their allies within the communities where we live, work, and serve through networking, community and philanthropic efforts and mentorship opportunities.

We promote leadership, find/develop talent, enhance employee engagement and build an internal support system for veterans and allies within Santander.

“Our greatest assets are not only our products or services but especially our people. We believe that each team member brings a unique identity to the table, and it is our responsibility to create an environment that celebrates and supports diverse backgrounds, a variety of perspectives, and experiences. By embracing diversity, promoting equity, and fostering an inclusive environment, we can tap into our team member's full potential, driving innovation and success.”

Oriol Foz
Chief Human Resources Officer