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Santander US respects and values differences that include gender, age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, education, physical and cognitive abilities, veteran status and religion.

Through our US Diversity and Inclusion Office, Employee Network Groups (ENGs) are a top priority. These alliances encourage employee opportunity, communication and support across the diverse groups of Santander US. Our ENGs also foster career growth through networking, mentoring, professional development, community efforts and philanthropy.


This LGBTQ Network promotes respect, inclusion and diversity in our workforce and client base. We strive to foster a safe workplace for LGBTQ colleagues and allies where everyone can do their best work and be their whole self. We offer opportunities for our colleagues to collaborate, engage in community initiatives and leverage our global footprint for understanding cultural differences and challenges.

Santander's Latin and Hispanic Network fosters a respectful, collaborative and inclusive environment. We are dedicated to the development, empowerment and growth of Latino and Hispanic colleagues within the communities where we live, work and serve.

Our Women’s Employee Network fosters a respectful, collaborative and inclusive environment. We are dedicated to the development, empowerment and growth of women and their allies within the communities where we live, work and serve.

This group focuses on the overall development of black employees and their allies within the communities where we live, work and serve. We are passionate about facilitating relationships, promoting organic growth and developing impactful opportunities to build talent. We will attract, retain and develop diverse leaders both internally and externally.

From cognitive to physical differences, this group will be led by those who have personal experience in this space, and will be supported by those who feel equally close to the topic.

This group will be a network for those who are caregivers of all types, meaning parents and people taking care of other family members.

This group will focus on supporting our employees who are veterans, increasing awareness about veteran-related issues and working with organizations in our communities that serve veterans.

“But what will make us a winner is a culture that allows people to speak up, to embrace change, to accept diversity of all types, so that we can fully realize the potential in our teams and in our markets.”

Ana Botin
Santander Group Executive Chairman


Increase workforce diversity by identifying and removing obstacles to Diversity and Inclusion across our hiring practices, workplace programs and corporate culture.

Strive to be an employer of choice that attracts and retains the best and brightest talent by educating team members about the benefits of fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Support our colleagues by way of our Diversity and Inclusion communities; by addressing pay disparity; and through our training, mentorship, sponsorship and outreach programs.

“As the executive sponsor of the LGBT & Allies Network, I look forward to continuing to support an environment of respect and appreciation for the unique experiences and capabilities of our colleagues. Creating a diverse environment isn’t just about accepting our differences – it’s about embracing those differences and understanding that each of us brings something of unique value to Santander.”

Mahesh AdityaPresident and CEO, Santander Consumer USA
Embrace Executive Sponsor

“When you show up to work, you should be able to bring your whole self. When we bring our whole selves, we are more authentic, engaged, and better able to leverage our unique talents. Santander is that work place – open and inclusive of diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.”

Sarah DrwalChief Risk Officer

“– To me, Diversity & inclusion is all about respect. It is about creating a workplace where we embrace and respect diversity and provide the conditions to help our employees and customers prosper and thrive. Studies show that by creating a diverse culture, companies have more satisfied employees and those employees are able to provide better solutions for their customers. I believe that Conexión plays acritical role in our diversity and inclusion initiative by helping create equity for our Latinx / Hispanic employees and customers and providing a space where everyone can learn more about the Latinx and Hispanic culture and how to help the diverse customers and communities that we serve. ”

Aurora CastilloConexion Regional Lead
Director, Marketing Technology

“Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace is important to provide a safe and motivating outlet for our employees – one where members of the Abilities Employee Network Group (ENG) can learn, teach and provide support to one another. Also, where the Abilities ENG can help provide valuable feedback and insight back to the company to influence company policies, community involvement, employee benefits and more.”

Mikenzie SariAbilities Network National Lead
Chief Human Resources Officer, Santander Consumer USA

“I started getting involved with our Women's Network when it first launched a couple of years ago because I have been so fortunate to have many amazing and inspirational mentors in my career. I wanted to pay it forward and help others.”

Minh PhamVice President, Small Business
Women’s Employee Network Regional Lead

“As one of the newer Employee Network Groups, the Veterans Network is unique in that our members link into one or more ENG’s. Veterans come in all races, genders, sexual orientation and abilities; this gives the members of the Veterans Network intersectionality for an even larger network of peers to connect with. I feel this strengthens not only the ENG’s but also how we interact with our colleagues across the organization and bolster Santander’s diversity and inclusion efforts.”

Jay SatoriVeterans Employee Network National Lead
Associate Director, Security Admin