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Throughout the summer, the Santander interns have had a special chance to engage in direct conversations with company leadership, including Santander US CEO Tim Wennes, Chief Diversity & Culture Officer Virnitia Dixon, and Senior Director of ESG Leah Daly.

A Santander internship is already an attractive proposition for many students—generally 75% of each year’s intern class receive full-time offers when their internships ended—and special opportunities like these to have their questions answered by senior leaders make the internships even more appealing.

“The ability to receive mentorship like this is crucial for interns of this generation,” said Sonia Storer, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition & Development. “Opportunities for senior leaders to provide guidance and support are instrumental in helping us shape the next generation of the workforce.”

Take a look at the videos below for more insight from leaders:

Santander CEO Tim Wennes Sits Down with Interns

Santander interns had the opportunity to sit down this summer with Santander executives including CEO Tim Wennes, as part of our Leadership Speaker Series to gain new insights into the company, its culture, and career paths.

Santander CEO Tim Wennes Provides Career Advice to Interns

During our Leadership Speaker Series, Santander US CEO Tim Wennes provided more advice on building lasting relationships and how students can find a career that matches their purpose.

Santander US Chief Diversity & Culture Officer Virnitia Dixon Shares the Company’s Approach to DE&I

As part of our Leadership Speaker Series, Santander US Chief Diversity & Culture Officer Virnitia Dixon sat down with Santander Consumer intern Aryan Jasani to discuss how the company’s DE&I program is an important part of our culture at Santander.

Santander US Head of ESG Leah Daly Shares the Company’s Commitment to Sustainability

When evaluating internship programs, Digital Marketing intern Grace Wang was attracted to Santander’s sustainability efforts. Grace sat down with Santander US Head of ESG Leah Daly to learn more about the company’s goals, specifically achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

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