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Mitchell Rodgers

Mitchell’s Santander Steps

2011 - Teller

Mitchell had one main goal as a Teller: Make every person that walked through the door feel like they were the only one in the building. That’s how he built great relationships with customers. And he made sure everyone left thinking that they’d been treated like a million bucks.

“As a Teller, it isn’t so much about the transaction, it’s about the interaction. Building strong relationships allowed me to learn about customers, who they were and what was important to them.”

2012 - Personal Banking Representative

How do you take a relationship to the next level? As Mitchell quickly realized, it’s all about making banking personal and devoting quality time to every client. That meant figuring out what was important to them, how to meet retirement goals and how to make them feel better about paying down their debt.

“This position prepared me for the future by showing me how to rally the entire team around building relationships and helping customers. I also had a Branch Manager who coached me every single day and helped me grow as a banker.”

2016 - Branch Manager

Good coaches help teams take on the toughest challenges. As a Branch Manager, Mitchell rallied everyone around him to achieve goals every single day. Luckily for him, he could apply all the relationship skills from his previous positions dealing with customers and level them up to strengthen his team leadership abilities.

“I took all of the success I had as a Personal Banker and focused on transferring that skill to my new role building relationships banker-to-banker. Customer satisfaction was always a top priority, which coincided with how I helped my team build strong relationships.”

2017 - Operations Analyst

From being a leader of his team to being a thought leader, Mitchell now brings his blue-sky thinking and big ideas to building and improving the reporting infrastructure at Santander.

“My role on the Business Intelligence team consists of building and maintaining our reporting infrastructure, supporting the field as it relates to our reporting, and opining on ways to improve new and existing reports. Bringing a seasoned Santander perspective to the team, I have already seen my impact resonate to the retail network!”